Register for the 2017/2018 Master Club.
Master Clubs is a ministry of Coastline Baptist Church for kids ages 4 to 5th grade. The program runs in conjunction with the the school year.
Child's first name? *

Child's last name?

Parent/ Guardians Name

When is {{answer_R0D9dxWiJkyZ}} birthday?

What grade is {{answer_R0D9dxWiJkyZ}} in?

What's the best email address to keep {{answer_R0D9dxWiJkyZ}} up to date on details?

Could you please share {{answer_pTYVMco73CxU}}'s phone number?

Any allergy or medical concerns we should know about {{answer_R0D9dxWiJkyZ}}

Has {{answer_R0D9dxWiJkyZ}} been involved in Master Club before?

Does {{answer_R0D9dxWiJkyZ}} need a Master Club vest this year?

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